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Independence Place: Our resource center for independent living in central Kentucky is nestled among the horse farms, expanding residential neighborhoods and developing industrial areas in Lexington. Independence Place is a federally funded, non profit, consumer directed resource Center for Independent Living. The nonresidential Center is responsible for providing information and referral, peer support, independent living skills training and education, and advocating on behalf of consumers with disabilities on both the individual and system levels. The center also provides intervention for people with disabilities to assist them in moving out of institutions or to assist them to stay in their homes. The organizations objective is to assist people with disabilities to achieve their full potential for community inclusion through improving access, choice and equal opportunity.

The Kentucky Office for the Blind is a state government rehabilitation agency that offers assistance to persons who are blind or visually impaired. We also provide various services for employers interested in hiring or accommodating workers who have a vision loss.

KADB is an organization for individuals who have combined vision and hearing loss.


If you are a disabled person seeking employment, try these resources:
National Business & Disability Council and click on "Job Seekers" or call 1-516-465-1519.

Job openings for the entire state of KY government.

ENTRY POINT! is a program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) offering outstanding internship opportunities for students with apparent and non-apparent disabilities in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and some fields of business. To meet the challenge of the competitive global economy in the new millennium, private industry and government research agencies must expand the pool of technical talent. AAAS has developed unique partnerships with IBM, NASA, Merck, Google, Lockheed Martin, CVS, NAVAIR, Pfizer, Infosys, Shell, Procter & Gamble and university science laboratories to meet their human resources needs.

Project View is an IBM Diversity recruitment program offering Latino, African American, Asian, Women, Persons with Disabilities and Native American, BA, BS, MS, PhD students the opportunity to explore IBM's national career options.



The Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinators are case managers who have responsibility for the coordination of services for severely disabled visually impaired Veterans and active duty Servicemembers. VIST coordinator duties include providing and/or arranging the provision of appropriate treatment in order to enhance functioning such as making referrals to Blind Rehabilitation Centers, Blind Rehabilitation Outpatient Services, VICTORS, VISOR, and low vision clinics. Other VIST coordinator duties include identifying newly identified individuals who have severely disabling visual impairment, providing counseling, problem resolution, arranging a review of benefits and needed services, and conducting educational and outreach programs relating to VIST and blindness. The VIST Coordinators for Kentucky are:

Brenda Hibberd
Louisville VA Medical Center
800 Zorn Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 287-4000 ext. 55049

Gregory Manuel
Lexington VA Medical Center
1101 Veterans Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2236
(859) 281-3916

OTHER Links For Blind or VI Veterans


National Association of Guide Dog Users

Being a Division of the National Federation of the Blind, NAGDU provides a forum for guide dog users and seeks to promote a positive philosophy of blindness and the use of such dogs by blind individuals. By doing this NAGDU works to fulfill the over-all goal of the National Federation of the Blind to integrate the blind into society on a basis of equality with the sighted. Visit the NAGDU information webpage to access the listserv and contact information.


This is a list for people who are graduates, former graduates, puppy raisers, and anyone who is interested in the various guide dog schools.

Are you applying for a guide dog and don't know which program to attend? Do you have a question about a specific school? Would you like to talk to other graduates from a specific school?

This list is for you. To subscribe, go here to send an email: Guide Dog Schools


There is now a new e-mailing list called Intro-Date for blind single people where you can send in lengthy introduction messages in the hopes of meeting that special someone.

Please give your real name, age, city you are from, your interests and qualities you are seeking in that special person. Please remember to be honest and open so that others can get to know the real you.

This is not a discussion list and is only for introduction messages. If you decide to come and join this group to meet your soul mate, please do not lurk in the background. No one will be able to get to know you if you remain quiet.

This group is open to straight, gay and bisexual people. In your introduction messages, please give a way for others to contact you such as an email address, phone number, cell phone number or voicemail.

To join, send this blank email to Intro-Date Subscribe and you will receive an email to which you must reply in order to confirm your subscription.

Thank you and good luck to you in making new friends and starting new relationships.

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