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What is accessibility? Longer or shorter definitions can be found using Wikipedia or Dictionary.com. An accessible product, service, or environment is designed for the unassisted or assistive technology compatible use of both non-disabled and disabled individuals alike.

Some analog examples of assistive technology changing what it means to be blind include canes or service animals. These tools allow blind individuals the ability to access their surrounding environment by recognizing universally designed features. The NFB Independence Market carries many products to assist blind individuals in living the lives they want.

In recent years, a few almost indispensible tools for changing what it means to be blind in the United States has been the personal computer and cellular "smart" phone. Screen access applications for the most popular computer operating systems have made it possible for blind users to access accessibly designed software as well or better than their sighted peers. Cell phone manufacturers including many fine accessibility features; these devices also include the capability of installing applications designed for more specific uses such as the KNFB Reader which allows for the audible translation of a photo with words or a poorly designed PDF document by converting the text to speech. More information about technology resources can be found at the NFB International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind (IBTC).